D Pizzle, my nizzle (trustnoone365) wrote,
D Pizzle, my nizzle

ok, DANIEL DUNCAN is OBSESSED with JOHN PRATT! all he does is complain about how he hates that john never leaves him alone, and yet he goes and calls him to hang out. EVEN THOUGH IM ONLY IN TOWN A WEEK! AND JEREMY BASS won't hang out with us till 9...and THHEEENNNN he ALWAYS leaves at midnight. so we barely have enough time to do anything cuz we spend like 2 hours just tryin to figure out what to do cuz NO ONE can agree on ANYTHING! and davids a little bitch cuz 1)he doesnt have a fukin car so he can't come home whenever he wants and 2)he ONLY comes on the weekends when im not here in dothan. DAMN, I HATE ALL OF YOU!
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