D Pizzle, my nizzle (trustnoone365) wrote,
D Pizzle, my nizzle

so...i think i may have had the shittiest week. went home, and since im moving, i brought some stuff with me. like all my electronics(tv, games, etc.) i dont move into my next place for two weeks. i just thought i'll use my laptop for something to do till i move. so i bring it all home, then my laptop dies. fuck! next is my family, which requires alot of explaining that i dont feel like doing right now. basically, everyone hates each other right now and is using me as a way to communicate since im apparently fuckin "swiss" and neutral. next, i locked my keys in my car. my spare key? in my wallet. my wallet? in my car. oh, and my mp3 is fucked up. and im not sure where im gonna live starting next week for 2 weeks. im thinkin annes, but i havent said/asked anything about that in a while. one more thing, my work. i get back to work to find out some little bitch got promoted. i've been working there for 2 years, he has worked there for a year. im 22 almost 23, he just turned 19. hes taking class in the fall and im not so i can work whenever. i also told my manager i NEED more hours, and the promotion guarantees atleast 25 hours a week. fuckin BULLSHIT!
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