D Pizzle, my nizzle (trustnoone365) wrote,
D Pizzle, my nizzle

so...I was playing racquetball today and hit the wall and dislocated my toe. took forever to find out if it was broken or dislocated. i'd post the pic but i cant, i have to upgrade my account. the picture i have doesnt really show it from a good angle but basically....well...you know how your toes sorta curl downward? well, it was curled upward and you could see the bone trying to poke through the skin. hurt like a mofo, then they put two shots in it which was probably the most painful part, then he came back a few minutes later and pulled it out and popped it back in. i literally didnt feel a thing. the only reason i even knew he did it was cuz i heard the pop and assumed that was my toe. it was awesome, haha.
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