D Pizzle, my nizzle (trustnoone365) wrote,
D Pizzle, my nizzle

so im on spring break finally. sarah got me a new anti-virus that wont turn off so i cant get on xfire or wow and havent really bothered to figure out why. but i work tuesday night, so im going home wednesday. so david, let jeremy know i'll go with ya'll on friday if ya'll still are cuz i dont feel like calling.

now...my spring break so far. worked saturday night, borrowed resident evil 5 from work. tim and I beat veteran mode(coop) and it annoyed us so much that after beating it, we played easy mode just to beat the shit out of everything that gave us problems. that was yesterday. today, my day has consisted of listening to dragonballz music while playing legend of dragoon. why? cuz im that awesome.
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